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Wedge Type Open Rod Gate Valve 4 Inch Gate Valve DN100

Wedge Type Open Rod Gate Valve 4 Inch Gate Valve DN100

4 Inch Gate Valve DN100 ISO 45001

Wedge Type Open Rod Gate Valve ISO 45001

4 Inch Gate Valve DN100 ISO 45001

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ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001

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LK-Z41W-16P DN100

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Product Description

 Wedge Type Open Rod Gate Valve

 The opening and closing part of the gate valve is the gate plate, the movement direction of the gate plate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid, the gate valve can only be fully opened and closed, can not be adjusted and throttled. Manual gate valve working principle: rotate the handwheel, through the hand wheel and the stem thread forward and backward, lift or drop the valve plate connected with the stem, to open and close the function. Material: carbon steel, 304, 316L, 2507, 2205, 12CrMoV, alloy steel, low temperature steel and other special materials. According to different materials, applicable temperature: -196℃ to 570℃. Advantages:

1, flow resistance is small. The medium channel inside the valve body is straight through, the medium flows in a straight line, and the flow resistance is small.

2. Less effort when opening and closing. Is compared with the globe valve, because whether open or closed, the direction of the gate movement is perpendicular to the direction of the medium flow.

3, high height, long opening and closing time. The opening and closing stroke of the gate is large, and the lowering is carried out by the screw.

4, water hammer phenomenon is not easy to produce. The reason is the long shutdown time.

5, the medium can flow to either side in any direction, easy to install. The gate valve channel is symmetrical on both sides.

6, the length of the structure (the distance between the two connecting end faces of the shell) is small.

7, simple shape, short structure length, good manufacturing technology, wide range of application.

8, compact structure, good rigidity of the valve, smooth channel, small flow resistance, sealing surface of stainless steel and hard alloy, long service life, using PTFE packing. Reliable sealing, light and flexible operation.

Wedge Type Open Rod Gate Valve 4 Inch Gate Valve DN100 0

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