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DN100 Straight Through Plug Valve Three Way Plug Valve ISO 14001

DN100 Straight Through Plug Valve Three Way Plug Valve ISO 14001

DN100 Straight Through Plug Valve ISO 45001

Straight Through Plug Valve ISO 14001 DN100

DN100 Straight Three Way Plug Valve ISO 14001

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ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001

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LK-X43W-16P DN100

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Product Description

    A plug valve is a valve that uses a plug body with a through hole as an opening and closing member. The plug body rotates with the stem to achieve open and close action. Due to the movement between the sealing surface of the plug valve with wiping action, and can completely prevent contact with the flow medium when fully open, it can usually also be used for medium with suspended particles. Another IMPORTANT FEATURE OF THE PLUG VALVE IS ITS EASE OF ADAPTATION TO A MULTI-CHANNEL CONFIGURATION, SO THAT TWO, THREE, OR EVEN FOUR DIFFERENT CHANNELS CAN BE OBTAINED FOR A SINGLE VALVE. This simplifies the design of the piping system, reduces the amount of valves and some of the connections needed in the equipment. In order to expand the application range of plug valves, many new structures have been developed. Oil lubricated plug valves are one of the most important. Special grease is injected from the top of the plug body between the taper hole of the valve body and the plug body to form an oil film to reduce the opening and closing torque, improve the sealing and service life. It has a working pressure of up to 64 mpa, a maximum operating temperature of 325 ° C and a maximum diameter of 600 mm. Plug valve channels come in many forms. The common straight-through type is mainly used to truncate the fluid. Three-way and four-way plug valves are suitable for fluid reversing. The plug valve is widely used in oil field exploitation, transportation and scouring equipment, but also widely used in petrochemical industry, chemical industry, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, HVAC industry and general industry.

DN100 Straight Through Plug Valve Three Way Plug Valve ISO 14001 0


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