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DN100 Straight Channel Throttle Valve One Way Throttle Valve ISO 45001

DN100 Straight Channel Throttle Valve One Way Throttle Valve ISO 45001

DN100 Straight Channel Throttle Valve

Straight Channel Throttle Valve ISO 45001

One Way Throttle Valve ISO 45001

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ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001

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LK-L41W-16P DN100

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Product Description

 Straight channel throttle valve





Throttle valve is by changing the throttle section or throttle length to control the flow of fluid valve. The throttle valve and the check valve in parallel can be combined into a one-way throttle valve. Throttle valve and one-way throttle valve are simple flow control valves. In the quantitative pump hydraulic system, throttle valve and overflow valve can be combined to form three throttle speed regulating systems, namely, inlet throttle speed regulating system, return throttle speed regulating system and bypass throttle speed regulating system. Throttle valve has no flow negative feedback function, can not compensate for the speed instability caused by load change, generally only used for load change or speed stability is not high.





1. Simple structure, easy to manufacture and maintenance, low cost.

2 adjustment accuracy is not high, can not be used for adjustment.

3. The sealing surface is easy to erode and cannot be used to cut off the medium.

4. Poor sealing.


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