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Reduced Diameter Split Ball Valve Exhaust Long Shape Ball Valve Welded Type

Reduced Diameter Split Ball Valve Exhaust Long Shape Ball Valve Welded Type

Reduced Diameter Split Ball Valve A400

Long Shape Ball Valve Welded Type ISO 45001

Split Ball Valve Exhaust A400

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:



ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001

Model Number:

LK-FQ361F- DN500

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Product Details
Cast Steel
Water Treatment
Scope Of Application:
Water Gas Vapor, Etc
Operating Temperature:
550 ℃
Specification Of Packing:
Packing In Wooden Case
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
One Set
USD&Price Negotiable &Set
Packaging Details
Determine according to the actual situation
Delivery Time
Price Negotiable
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
100000 units&Month
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Product Description

Reduced Diameter Exhaust Directly Buried (Long) Welding Ball Valve



FQ361F gas release ball valve is the introduction of foreign advanced design technology and equipment research and development into a new type of energy-saving cut-off gas valve. Whether the valve is in the open or closed position, the upstream and downstream pressure can discharge the internal pressure through the release valve, to protect the equipment from damage caused by a sharp rise in pressure.



Structural reference diagram:


Reduced Diameter Split Ball Valve Exhaust Long Shape Ball Valve Welded Type 0


Reduced Diameter Split Ball Valve Exhaust Long Shape Ball Valve Welded Type 1



Product Features:


1, with the release device, switch flexible, small torque.


2, the whole welded, there will be no external leakage phenomenon.


3. It is composed of pipes, with sufficient strength, low price, beautiful appearance and convenient construction.


4, ball valve welding can be directly buried in the ground, do not need to build a high large valve well, only need to set up a small shallow well on the ground, greatly saving construction costs and engineering time.



Main shape and connection dimensions unit:mm


DN50 2R0502H2T 60.3 57.0 89 300 1000
DN65 2R0652H2T 76.1 76.3 114 300 1000
DN80 2R0802H2T 88.9 89.1 140 300 1000
DN100 2R1002H2T 114.3 108.0 165 300 1000
DN125 2R1252H2T 139.7 133.0 180 400 1000
DN150 2R1502H2T 168.3 159.0 219 400 1000
DN200 2R2002H2T 219.1 219.1 267 400 1000
DN250 2R2502H2T 273.1 273.1 355 500 1000
DN300 2R3002H2T 323.9 323.9 457 500 1100
DN350 2R3502H2T 355.6 377.0 508 500
DN400 2R4002H2T 406.4 426.0 558 500 1360
DN450 2R4502H2T 457.0 478.0 558 500
DN500 2R5002H2T 508.0 530.0 660 600 1800
DN600 2R6002H2T 609.6 630.0 813 650 1900
DN700 2R7002H2T 712.2 720.0 1016 700 2100
DN800 2R8002H2T 812.8 820.0 1095 800 2350
DN900 2R9002H2T 914.4 920.0 1245 800 2610




Working principle:


FQ361F gas release ball valve is a kind of gas ball valve with release, including a ball valve body, in the valve body of the switch connector connected with a long core column, long core column includes a long core cylinder, coat with a protective tube; A release unit device is arranged in the pipeline controlled by the ball valve body, which includes a release base through the pipeline, a release pipe placed on the release base, the release pipe is arranged at the top end of the release valve, and through the support to make the release unit device and the long core column fixed each other, in fact, easy to use, convenient opening and closing, conducive to the detection of the pipeline.


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