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Low Resistance Fire Valve DN50 Y Type Filter Y Type Water Filter 1.6Mpa

Low Resistance Fire Valve DN50 Y Type Filter Y Type Water Filter 1.6Mpa

Low Resistance Fire Valve DN50

DN50 Y Type Filter

Y Type Water Filter 1.6Mpa

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ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001

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LK-H84X-16Q DN50

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Product Description

Low Resistance SY8P Y-Type Filter


 I. Overview


     Y-type filters are usually installed at the inlet end of pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves, water level valves or other equipment to remove impurities in the medium to protect the normal use of valves and equipment. It can also be used for gas or other medium large particle filtration, installed on the pipeline can remove larger solid impurities in the fluid, so that the machinery and equipment (including compressors, pumps, etc.), instruments can work normally and operate, to achieve a stable process, to ensure the role of safe production. Y-type filter suitable medium can be water, oil, gas. Generally, the water network is 18~30 mesh, the ventilation network is 10~100 mesh, and the oil network is 100~480 mesh. Y-type filter belongs to the pipeline coarse filter series, Y-type filter is an indispensable filtration device for the pipeline system of conveying media, Y-type filter has the advantages of simple production, advanced structure, easy installation and cleaning, large dirt holding capacity, small resistance, convenient sewage discharge, etc.


2.Main overall dimensions


DN50 60.3±0.61 15.88±0.76 7.93±0.76 57.15+0/-0.38 198
DN65 76.1±0.76 15.88±0.76 7.93±0.76 72.26+0/-0.46 214
DN80 889+0.89/-0.79 15.88±0.76 7.93±0.76 84.94+0/-0.46 240
DN100 114.3+1.14/-0.79 15.88±0.76 9.53±0.76 110.08+0/-0.51 277
DN125 139.7+1.4/-0.79 15.88±0.76 9.53±0.76 135.48+0/-0.51 325
DN150 165.1+1.6/-0.79 15.88±0.76 9.53±0.76 160.90+0/-0.56 351
DN200 219.1+1.6/-0.79 19.05±0.76 11.1±0.76 214.4+0/-0.64 465




Low Resistance Fire Valve DN50 Y Type Filter Y Type Water Filter 1.6Mpa 0






 3. Use and maintenance


    Fire gate valves are often used in automatic sprinkler fire pipeline systems, rotating handwheels to control the opening and closing of water sources in water supply pipelines.



4. Installation:


(1) Handwheels, handles and transmission mechanisms are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collisions are strictly prohibited.


(2) Before installation, check whether the product model, tag and specification are consistent, and check whether the parts of the whole machine are defective and loose.


(3) Before installation, the pipeline should be cleaned, and there should be enough straight pipe section at the valve inlet, and equipped with a filter.


(4) The installation site should consider the comprehensive personnel and equipment, even if it is operated, it is conducive to disassembly and maintenance.


(5) The signal box is connected to the fire protection system circuit.


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