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Long Life PE Forged Steel Ball Valve Reliable Pe Ball Valves For Gas

Long Life PE Forged Steel Ball Valve Reliable Pe Ball Valves For Gas

Long Life PE Forged Steel Ball Valve

PE Forged Steel Ball Valve ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Reliable Pe Ball Valves For Gas

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ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001

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PE-Forged-Steel Ball Valve
PE And Steel
Plastic Composite Design
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Product Description

Long Life And Reliable PE-Forged-Steel Ball Valve





PE-Forged- Steel Ball Valve is an important scientfic researching product of Kema. Its body is forged steel ball valve, and the end side
is PE. This plastic composite design to avoid long - term use of pure PE ball valve and the operating part due to the aging of the material
damage caused by switch failures and drawbacks, so it will not leak because of PE damage caused by aging. This valve is long life and


According to the material grade, PE ball valves are divided into PE80 and PE 100. The company mainly produces PE80.
According to the function, it can be divided into conventional type, single release type and double release type.

Design Features


1. PE- Forged- -Steel ball valve overcomes the leakage problem of pure PE ball valve body due to material aging and operator and an extensionrod easily break or ater the long-tem action of running switch failure. 


2. PE-Forged- Steel ball valve using a two- way sealing valve seat structure, compared to the cornventional PIFE valve seat,the sealing performance ismore reliable and fim and reliable.


3.PE- -Forged- Steel ball valve is fire safty valve: metal composite sealing valve seat, when the soft sealing material on the seat was bumed, the metal seat under the bttrly spring preload force will supply soft sealing space, pressing ball, forming metal to metal seal structure.


4.PE- -Forged- Steel ball valve is designed to stemthe anf -wear type fly inveted, set down with agasket seal structure, sealing effect increased with valve chamber pressure increasing. the valve stem sealing with an O- ring seal; valve opening and closing torque is smal, the stem is forged steel materia which has long lile and high strength.


5. Steel ball valve and PE pipe is threaded conncetions, external is fixed with metal sheath, sufficient to ensure its strength, the connection is more stable and reliable.


6.The installation of PE -Forged- Steel ball valve is very convenient, when at the factory, PE pipes and valves have been fully connected, when need to construct, simply by way of hot melt and fused connection with the pipe fusion.


7. PE- Forged- -Steel ball valve can be directly buried in the ground, without the construction of valve well, only need to build a shallow well; the construction is convenient, but relative to the full steel valves at less cost.


8. PE-Forged- Steel ball valve has smaller corrosion surface than the conventional ball valve. so its life is longer and more reliable.


9. PE- Forged- Steel ball valve's anti- -static effect is remarkable.It can avoid the metal ball to generate static electricity, so it is more secure and reliable.


10. PE- -Forged- Seel ball valve combined with the characterstics of ordinary flly welded ball valve and PE ball valve. Therefore, its performance is more stable and operation is more reliable, construction is more convenient and it is more low-cost.


Drawing of the PE-forged-steel ball valve​


When operating, operator needn't to enter the mine, simply tumto the oper ator in inoue, the operatoration is very secure and convenient.


Long Life PE Forged Steel Ball Valve Reliable Pe Ball Valves For Gas 0


PE steel plastic composite ballvalve


Dimension of PE-F.S Ball valve (SDR 11)
Standard Type
DN Pipe L L1 H
DN50 Φ50×4.6 400 72 Customer determine
DN63 063×5.8 450 75
DN75 Φ75×6.8 500 80
DN9O Φ90×8.2 600 100
DN110 Φ110×10.0 700 133
DN160 Φ160×14.6 800 135
DN200 Φ200×18.2 1000 203
DN225 Φ225×20.5 1250 300
DN250 Φ250×22.7 1300 300
DN280 Φ280×25.4 1350 300
DN315 Φ315×28.6 1400 300
DN400 Φ400×36.4 1600 500




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