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Membrane Cassette Auto Drain Valve Bellows Thermostatic Steam Trap Bimetallic Sheet

Membrane Cassette Auto Drain Valve Bellows Thermostatic Steam Trap Bimetallic Sheet

Membrane Cassette Auto Drain Valve 32mm

Auto Drain Valve Bellows 32mm

Thermostatic Steam Trap Bimetallic Sheet

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ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001

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Water, Oil, Steam, Etc
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One Set
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Product Description

Membrane Cassette Type,Bellows Type,Bimetallic Sheet Type Thermostatic-Fixed Discharge Temperature Traps Right Angle



 I. Overview


    Thermostatic traps mainly work by using thermostatic elements or deformation caused by different temperatures of steam and condensate. Commonly used thermoregulated traps fall into this category. The moving part of the trap is a temperature-sensitive element of a bellows. The inner part of the bellows is filled with liquid that is easy to evaporate. When the condensate with saturation temperature arrives, due to the high condensate temperature, the saturation pressure of the liquid increases, and the bellows is elongated axially, driving the valve core, closing the condensate passage and preventing steam leakage. When the condensate in the trap drops in temperature due to heat dissipation to the periphery, the saturation pressure of the liquid drops, the bellows shrinks, the valve orifice is opened, and the condensate is discharged. The trap tail has an adjustment screw that is adjusted forward to reduce the trap bore clearance, thereby improving condensate supercooling. The discharge condensate temperature of this trap is 600C~1000 °C. In order to reduce the condensate temperature in front of the trap, the pipe 1~2m in front of the trap is not insulated. The processing process of the thermoregulated trap has high requirements, is suitable for removing supercondensate, and the installation position is not limited by the level, but it is not suitable for installation in the surrounding environment with high temperature.


2.Main overall dimensions


Product Model DN L H H1 W
CS14F 15-20 35 150 68 45
25 40 160 73
32 45 195 95 55
CSF-4 15-25 95 165 87 37

Membrane Cassette Auto Drain Valve Bellows Thermostatic Steam Trap Bimetallic Sheet 0

Membrane Cassette Auto Drain Valve Bellows Thermostatic Steam Trap Bimetallic Sheet 1





 3. Use and maintenance


    Fire gate valves are often used in automatic sprinkler fire pipeline systems, rotating handwheels to control the opening and closing of water sources in water supply pipelines.



4. Installation:


(1) Handwheels, handles and transmission mechanisms are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collisions are strictly prohibited.


(2) Before installation, check whether the product model, tag and specification are consistent, and check whether the parts of the whole machine are defective and loose.


(3) Before installation, the pipeline should be cleaned, and there should be enough straight pipe section at the valve inlet, and equipped with a filter.


(4) The installation site should consider the comprehensive personnel and equipment, even if it is operated, it is conducive to disassembly and maintenance.


(5) The signal box is connected to the fire protection system circuit.


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